Wait, Where on Earth Have These Cocktail-Filled Chocolates Been My Whole Life?

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Well, it looks like I truly haven’t been living my best life all this time after all. Here I was, ignorantly thinking “shaken or stirred” were the only options for enjoying my favorite cocktails when I could actually have them encased in freakin’ chocolate – no, seriously!
This deliciously boozy sorcery is possible thanks to Anthon Berg, a genius candy company known for producing bite-size chocolates that are oozing with liquid cocktail fillings. And yes, the alcohol is 100 percent real, so you might catch a slight buzz after nibbling on a handful of these glorious masterpieces. In fact, one lucky Instagram user who’s had the pleasure of enjoying the cocktail-filled chocolates described them as “quite stronger than expected.”
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Anthon Berg’s “Chocolate Cocktails” are shaped like actual miniature bottles and come in four mouthwatering flavors: Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, and Cosmopolitan. Because Anthon Berg is a based in Denmark, these boozy chocolates are a tad hard to come by in the States. In the name of very necessary investigative journalism, I scoured the internet and discovered that Walmart.com thankfully has the hookup and sells a 16-piece gift box ($22) that has officially earned the number-one spot on my Christmas wish list. Seriously, where have these beauties been my whole life?!

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