The Upside-Down Christmas Tree Trend Is Totally Bizarre, but We Don’t Hate It

There’s a new trend sweeping Christmas trees off their stumps and flipping them onto their heads. That’s right: upside-down Christmas trees are now a trend, and a growing one at that! From swanky lobbies stringing up enormous inverted pines to homeowners rigging up their own living room-sized versions to retailers peddling artificial trees mounted upside down on stands, there’s a version of the trend to suit every space.
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And as bizarre as the trend is, we don’t hate it. Not only is an upside-down Christmas tree a creative change from the norm, but it leaves more room for presents by putting the narrowest part of the tree nearest to the ground. Check out some stunning real-life examples in the slideshow ahead, followed by a few shoppable options perfect for your home. #baby #babyproducts