Grandma Who Accidentally Texted Total Stranger Spends Thanksgiving With Him Again

Remember the grandma who texted the wrong number about Thanksgiving dinner last year? The hilarious conversation that went viral on Twitter had a heartwarming ending: Jamal Hinton, the total stranger whom grandmother Wanda Dench texted by accident, wound up accepting the invitation and going over for Thanksgiving anyway. “That’s what grandmas do . . . feed everyone,” Wanda said at the time. A year later, a new tradition has formed, and the unlikely pair celebrated Thanksgiving together again!
2016-2017 thanksgiving pic.twitter.com/CpIgr9KapA
– Jamal Hinton (@kingjamal08) November 24, 2017
“She’s a great friend,” Jamal told local Arizona news station 12 News. And yes, in case you’re wondering, Jamal also celebrates Thanksgiving with his real grandma – but he makes sure to save enough room to eat at Wanda’s house in Mesa, AZ, too. “Just being friendly, I gained a new tradition on Thanksgiving and I love it,” he said.
Filling his followers’ hearts with nostalgia, Jamal shared side-by-side photos of him and Wanda from Thanksgiving in 2016 and 2017. “I do believe there are no accidents in life. So for that to happen, there was a reason,” Wanda told 12 News. “He’s always got an open invite to our house for Thanksgiving.”
We hope that this is a Thanksgiving tradition that lasts a lifetime! #baby #babyproducts