After Years of Attending a School Event For Dads, This Single Mom Got Into Character

This wasn’t the first time single mom Michelle Srenco went to the “Donuts With Dad” event at her kids’ elementary school, except this time, she decided to do things differently. The Oklahoma-based mother of four spontaneously decided to pencil in a mustache and goatee and attend the event alongside 300 other dads. She borrowed her partner’s flannel shirt, which miraculously matched perfectly with her children’s outfits.
While some kids might have buried their heads in embarrassment over their mother’s creative spirit, Michelle’s 7-year-old daughter Ciarah and 9-year-old son Jordan did the opposite. They were actually the ones to convince her to get in character, and they loved it!
“They thought it was so cool because their friends liked it,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Plus, the other dads gave me high-fives, and the principal loved it.”
She said some people didn’t even realize it was a mom hiding under the drawn-on goatee, but at the end of the event, she let her character get the best of her as she told her kids to “Have a good day!” in her best “dad voice.”
By dressing up as a stand-in dad, Michelle is proving that there is nothing single moms can’t do. “I want to encourage single parents to do anything for their kids,” she said. “Don’t let people judge you for it. I was scared and worried what people would say, but everything went amazing.”
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