What All Parents Need to Know About the Princess Phase

Something that can be seen as inherently harmless and wholesome for children can actually stir up a major debate among parents: the magical world of princesses.
Many adults are completely against the princess phase and work to shield their daughters from what they see as a land of pink, weak role models, female stereotypes, and warped romantic relationships. Others completely disagree and view these beloved characters as innocent fun for their kids to explore, develop their imagination, and learn life lessons. Although new research from Brigham Young University points to potential long-term risks of going through the princess phase, author Jerramy Fine stands up for the empowering aspects of princesses in her book, In Defense of the Princess: How Plastic Tiaras and Fairytale Dreams Can Inspire Smart, Strong Women.
Like every story, the tales from the royal kingdom have more than one side and aren’t solely good . . . or evil. Here, try to understand all aspects of the princess phase before deciding what is right for your own children. #baby #babyproducts