Here’s How 1 Military Mom Managed to Keep Her Pregnancy a Surprise For 6 Months

A military wife from California took the element of surprise to a whole new level when she gave her husband some seriously shocking news as soon as he returned home from deployment.
Natasha Daugherty, a 28-year-old mother of three, found out she was pregnant after Chris was already deployed, and she was torn about how to share the news of her fourth pregnancy with him. After ultimately deciding against clueing him into the big news over the phone, Daugherty opted to wait until he got back from his tour to spill the beans. But here’s the catch: he wasn’t coming home for six months.
Daugherty went to some pretty great lengths to keep her secret – doing everything from using her toddler to cover up her belly in photos to holding beers in Skype sessions with her hubby.
So when Chris finally came home on June 23, Natasha decided to capture the moment by holding a homemade sign saying, “Welcome Home Baby Daddy” over her stomach until the big reveal.
And judging by the look on his face, it’s definitely safe to say he was surprised. #baby #babyproducts