Despite Her Medical Challenges, This Little Girl Isn’t Too Shy to Say She’s Beautiful

This is a story about having a positive attitude when you are facing incredible medical challenges and you are only six…
Posted by Frank Somerville KTVU on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A little girl with significant medical obstacles is setting an example for the adults around her through her positive attitude and self-confidence. In a post shared on Frank Somerville’s Facebook page, Crystal Kupper opened up about her adopted daughter, Guyana, and all that she’s learned from her.
Crystal began her post with a recent anecdote. While observing her daughter looking at herself in the mirror, Crystal said Guyana exclaimed, “I look soooo cute today! Man, I sure am beautiful in my new outfit!” Crystal added that her “new outfit” had actually been purchased at a garage sale for less than $1.
Guyana was adopted in Armenia just last year while her parents were stationed in the UK. As a result of her spina bifida, Guyana is in a wheelchair and one of her legs is paralyzed. In addition, she also suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition wherein there is a buildup of excess fluid in the brain. Despite all of that, she takes the time to tell herself that she’s beautiful and marvel at a new outfit.
At the end of her post, Crystal reflected on her daughter’s outlook. “She knows she’s beautiful and chooses to face each day with that attitude, letting everyone she sees know that they are beautiful, too,” adding, “Why can’t I – with a ‘perfect’ body and a ‘perfect’ family and practically a ‘perfect’ life – do the same? Why can’t we all?” Read her entire post above, and keep up with Guyana’s story through the Facebook page her parents manage. #baby #babyproducts