1 Veteran Mom’s Message to New Parents: “Soak It In”

“Um, I didn’t buy you a gift. However, this is on loan until you two find your song.” – My Best Friend’s Wedding
Well, today might not be one of my best’s wedding days, but it is another glorious occasion.
One of my best friends in the world gave birth to a beautiful baby. And I didn’t get them a gift. Instead, this is on loan to her and her sweet husband . . . my advice for the rest of your life. To my friends: Congratulations! This is the start of the rest of your life! I could sum this up and not make it a thing, but that’s not how I do things. So, let’s start with the running theme: soak it in.
You see, right now you’re holding this precious, perfect baby. Beautifully and wonderfully made, you’ll gaze upon this wondrous creation with the thought that you’ll never forget this. But you will.
I hope you soak it in.
You’ll forget these first few days because the only constant thing in all of this is change. This baby is going to change every minute of every day. And you’re going to want that to happen.
Soak it in. Because one day you’ll be feeding that baby and she will grow. She’ll grow and get bigger. And she’ll cry. And you’ll have had a hard day, and you’ll wish that she could talk so she could just TELL you why she’s upset.
Soak it in.
Because one day the words will come and they will NEVER stop. Never. She will say your name 17,000 times a day. It will seem like a new world record every time. Well, I say never. Soak it in.
You’ll beg that she can just be independent and walk because EVERYTHING is hard. The car seat is heavy. The baby bag is out of control. You’ll never talk more about a human being’s bodily functions.
Soak it in.
Because one day she’ll walk and it will all come together and she’ll run. She’ll run in the grocery store and knock stuff over and throw herself on the floor, screaming bloody murder, and you will feel like you’re the only parent in the world this has happened to.
Soak it in.
Because one day she’ll still change and get bigger. She’ll play sports and find friends or dance, and every day she’ll be more independent.
Soak it in.
Because one day you’ll forget. You’ll forget all of that because one day that baby will be 9 years old, sitting next to you in the front seat on the way to school, begging you not to embarrass her at drop-off, and for the love . . . just don’t talk to her. Or her friends. Or anybody really.
Soak it in.
Because one day she’ll need you. She’s always going to need you, but every day that will look different, and you’re never going to remember this as vividly again.
Soak it in.
Because she’ll cry, her friends will hurt her heart, she’ll think she’s fat, she’ll want a cell phone, she’ll be sad, and all of a sudden . . . she’ll want you to talk again.
Soak it in.
Just soak it in, my friends. Soak. It. In. Take the pictures. Keep the baby clothes. Document EVERYTHING. Because you will forget.
You’ll forget because we wish our kids’ life away waiting for the next part of it, only to find ourselves sitting in the driver’s seat alone. But you’ll also remember.
You’ll remember that funny show you watched during those long nights and how she’ll scrunch her nose when she sleeps.
You’ll remember when she first talked how she couldn’t say “milk” but instead called it “milkly.” You’ll remember that temper tantrum at the store, and I 100 percent guarantee you that you’ll get a pat on the back from a stranger. Or even worse, you’ll mistake that sour glance from another parent for the wrong thing, because that other parent standing next to a tween begging to buy the latest magazine is standing there thinking, “God, I wish I soaked that in.”
Soak it in, my friends, because the only constant moving forward is change. And I promise you, you won’t be sorry you did.
But just remember, this is on loan . . . until you two find your new song as parents, for the rest of your lives. #baby #babyproducts